Hey there! I’m Thomas Schrijer. A designer. A designer who believes the internet should be a cozy place. I want to put the ‘face’ in ‘interface’. I get strangly excited by the cross-section of digital brands, user experience, art and editorial magazines.

I do design at the in–house studio of WeTransfer. More specifically, I help the product and marketing teams at WeTransfer with design and art direction. These are some things I’ve helped with till date:

Previously I worked at Present Plus. Together which a bunch of fun people we worked closely together with clients we really liked and small start ups we believed in. This is some of what came out of that:

These are other misc projects that I don’t want you to miss out on:

If you’re not tired of me yet, find some words by or about me:

Awarded with:

And finally, the stuff that you came for in the first place: