Hey there. I’m Thomas, a digital designer based in Amsterdam. Currently Design Manager at a Typeform, previously at REKKI & WeTransfer. In my work I strive to create lovable experiences across digital brands and products. Let’s put the ‘face’ back in interface.
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Selected work

A bit about me (and my thinking)

I’m a system thinker by nature, looking at the bigger picture to come up with holistic solutions. I have a healthy obsession with searching for new angles, but I always come back to the same question: how do things connect?

“Are you a product or brand designer?” That old question. I’ve worn multiple hats on the spectrum between the two. How I see it is that the two need to be closely intertwined to create the best experience, to tailor to the audience and to stand out from the crowd.

Digital products nowadays tend to blend into each other. I think it’s time to make the online space more daring and emotional again.

I believe that stories and narratives are key to create good design - that’s why I like to take inspiration from graphic and editorial design (and don’t forget about my crush typography).


In my five years at WeTransfer I designed for multiple parts of the business while it grew from start up to scale up.

After acquiring Paper and Paste from FiftyThree in 2018, WeTransfer evolved into a set of creative tools. I led the direction for the brand language towards this change, defining core brand elements, product identities and guidelines while leading a team of 3 in-house designers and external design experts.

As part of the WeTransfer Studio I’ve directed and designed multiple branding and content projects. I’ve helped lay out the foundation and art direction of the content platform WePresent.

As part of the product design team, I re-designed the wetransfer.com experience and subscription offering. After that I was part of defining a vision for WeTransfer on mobile, which later evolved into Collect by WeTransfer.

Before that I’ve at worked at smaller digital agencies like Present Plus and Eight Media, designing the brand and UX experiences for datumprikker, rijkswaterstaat and more.

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